Registered 1995
With spaniels Since 1988
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Martin & Cicci Adner Vallås Torg 21 302 58 Halmstad Sweden Phone +46 0704547465 Phone +46 0702-819545
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Vallås Torg 21 30258 Halmstad Sweden
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Use this section to create a personal connection with your customers. The more a prospective customer knows about you, the more likely they are to buy or order from you. Define your offer and explain here why customers should buy from you or use your services. Be sure to highlight the things that make your products and services unique. For example, are your items made locally, sourced from special ingredients or We both got our first dogs in 1988/89 Martin got an american cocker spaniel named Jackpot, and Robyns first was an english cocker named Nantes Easy Rider. she learned a lot and though they began with a bunch of misstakes, he turned out quite ok after 10 years ;) It´s never to late with a spaniel... When Martin had saved enough money to buy his first own dog in 1993 he bought an English Springer Spaniel SE U(U)CH ROWNTREE EXQUISITE TASTE OF GOLD followed with his first litter in 1995. beginning. SE U(U)CH GOLDFLAME'S ARRAK-EGG-NOG was born in this first litter. Robyn bought two American cocker spaniels ERLY-GLORY'S NICE SUPRICE, followed by ​SE UCH SNOWSHOE'S SOMETHING TO REMEMBER and I guess she was hooked by then... We met the first time in 1998 when Martin went to Linköping to show his first bred English Cocker Spaniel, SE U(U)CH GOLDFLAME'S ASPECTS OF LOVE, and Robyn´s sister was there to show her ERLY-GLORY'S NAME OF THE GAME. We did meet again in 2000, and in 2001 Robyn was added to the kennel. Our first litter was American Cockers born in 2001 - a litter of 5 puppies, one Show champion, two CC winners, one tracking champion and one with titles in obedience. After that we had 13 litters of English Springer Spaniels and 2 litters of English Cocker Spaniels. We trained several dogs with the ambition to go to field trial like the american cocker SE U(U)CH GOLDFLAME'S FROM HERE TO ETERNITY ,the english cocker TOMBOYS TRUE GLORY and her daughter SE VCH GOLDFLAME'S DOTS N' SPOTS, but the most succesfull was with out doubt the English Springer Spaniel GOLDFLAME'S KEEP-KEPT-KEPT. In 2006 we bought our first Labrador Retriever ​CASSATAS RAZZLED RHANDIC Due to our daugthers severe asthma anad allergies whe had to sell all our dogs in 2007 and try other things in life apart from dogs. 2016- In 2016 we started over again with a Bracco Italiano SE JV-14 SE V-14 BRIGITTE, an English Springer Spaniel EASTRIDING GOLD EDITION and an Epagneul Breton DK V-17 PATOUCHE MIRABELLE.
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